When we talk about introspection, it means we need to spend some time with ourselves. We need to understand what are our strengths and what are our weaknesses. I have observed many Sales Managers or Insurance Recruiters, not getting success in recruiting agents only because they lack self-confidence or rather I would call it as self-conviction. Believing in your own product and your company is the most basic attitude which we need to develop before attending a recruitment call.

You have to BELIEVE in three things before going on for a Recruitment Call.
  • Your company is the best company in the whole world.
  • Your Career Offer is the best offer in the whole world.
  • You are the best Recruitment Manager in the whole World.
Keeping this in mind, it would become a real threat for the potential agents to say “NO” to you. No its not an Superman's job, you can do it very easily with the conviction within yourself.

Insurance Agent Recruitment Process :

In a typical Sales call, for a deal to happen, we all know that there has to be always two parties involved in it. The buyer and the seller. With any one of them missing, sale cannot be done. Similarly, this is also applicable in Recruitment Process... so.. it is always like we are in the search of the other party i.e., our prospective insurance advisor.

Recruitment Procedure can be broadly divide into six major sections like.

1.) Prospecting

2.) Making an Appointments

3.) Pitching the Career Opportunity

4.) Supporting through his training programs

5.) Helping him to complete his coding process

6.) Making him earn his first commission cheque as soon as possible


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